Repair the damage from the outside, at least

Wash him outta her hair

Breakups SUCK, and we all hate seeing the ladies we love in pain, so we gotta treat them with serotonin-boosting beauty care! Nothing beats self-love, so gift your devastated girlies with skin cream and a hair mask to wash that guy off her hands and out of her hair for good! Chocolate is also NEVER a bad idea, so we threw in some of that. You’re welcome!

What’s inside

1x 100ml Smooth skin cream to rinse his bad vibes off her skin.

1x 60ml Growth Hair Solution to grow her roots weekly and trim the splits off her hair.

1x 100ml Damaged Hair Mask to nourish her hair weekly and banish the damage he caused.

1x Chocolate bar because chocolate makes everything better, duh!


Lead Time: 3 days

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