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Embracing the Chaos

Natural & Urban

CHAOS by Bo's yard

When did life become about dealing with everyone else’s needs
except your own?

300+ work emails still unread…

20 family members still begging for your time and attention…

10+ friends you keep exchanging “we should hang out!” with…

Day 65 you haven’t worked out and feel like crap about…

The 50th healthy meal recipe saved in the hopes you will convince yourself to cut the junk and live a better life…but do you even know how to get back to those saved posts or where to find them?!

This is an average snapshot of modern life as a modern woman.

Personal care and “spa days” can take a backseat when dealing with the house on fire we call a “fulfilling and action-packed schedule”. It can get super overwhelming and you run the risk of feeling like a bridge troll at the end of a hectic day.

Not sexy.

Squeezing in time to do something nice for yourself happens, but all the treatments and products are full of harsh and toxic chemicals which end up ruining your hair and throwing you in a vicious cycle of needing even more treatments.

This is where CHAOS comes in.

We blend in with your already busy life. We embrace the CHAOS and more so enjoy it!

We offer a zero harmful chemicals “all-in-one” natural hair care range, creating organic hair and skin blends you don’t have the time or effort to make. We take the harsh chemical-free lifestyle super seriously. Each and every product in our range is natural and junk free, containing zero sulfates and parabens.

We’re two busy women with little time to spare so we decided to create products that take five minutes to apply because that is literally the only time we can
afford to give. Apply our Hair Masks on dry hair and spread our goodie fast absorbing Skin Creams that allow you to multi-task, knowing that you’re doing the right thing for your beauty needs without having to pay the high price of time, hassle & mess we all know you can’t afford.