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Chaos Satin Pillowcase

LE 150.00
Chaos Satin Pillowcase, made of soft fabric that gives you royal feeling while taming frizz & reducing breakage by creating less friction

Chaos Satin Pillowcase reduces breakouts by absorbing less moisture and dirt and helps to prevent facial creases from sleeping

Gentle on skin, hair, eyelashes & eyebrows

Standard Size 50 * 70

Light Gray

Fast Delivery

2-3 working days with a flat rate EGP 45



لقد نفد مخزوننا لهذا العنصر.


Insert your pillow inside the Satin pillowcase and make sure that it is tucked in the Satin pillowcase sleeve
You can put your hair up in a pineapple to avoid sleeping on your curls and disrupting them if you wish
Flip the pillow to the unused side on the following night. This is to avoid acne breakouts from any oils or dirt that could be on the pillow.
After using both sides of the pillow, you can wash it to reuse it