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Heals Dandruff and Itch

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Apple Cider, Tee Tree & Zinc

Chaos Dandruff natural solution for itchy and inflamed scalp. Most dandruff products get rid of the dandruff but make your hair dry. Not ours. Heal with Apple Cider & Tee Tree while moisturizing with Zinc and Honey. Apply straight to your roots.
Perfect for all hair types.
Non oily formula.
Chaos, practical natural solution for every day’s problems.

Sulphate Free


Fast Absorption

All Hair Types

Size: 120 ml


Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, Grounded Black Pepper, Orange powder, Honey, Aniseed, Zinc Sulphate, Salicylic Acid, Grapefruit juice

● Apple Cider Vinger: - Eliminates dandruff and itch
● Grapefruit: - antioxidant that fights pollution and stress factors
● Tea Tree Oil: - natural anti-fungal
● Anise: - purifies the scalp
● Black pepper: - stimulates hair follicles
● Zinc: - rebuilds scalp and damage caused by dandruff

How to Use

1. Section and apply the solution on wet or dry hair directly to the roots.

2. When you are done, massage your scalp thoroughly. For best results use inverted massage to allow the circulation to flow to the top of your head.

3. The solution will not alter your hair whether it’s blow-dried or curly since the formula will absorb in 1-3 minutes and is non-sticky.

4. Use 2-3 times a week for maximum benefit.