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Are you on a journey to restore your natural hair texture? You’re in the right place! Our collection of products include everything your hair has longed for in order for it to get back to its free-form nature. Watch banishing dry, dull hair get transformed with Chaos Growth Formula and Nourishing, Damage hair masks; these three life changing products will establish a healthy base for regrowing your hair and nourishing it back to life leaving it with bouncy and defined curls.

What's Inside

  • 1x 225ml Hydrate Hair Mask for weekly maximum hydration and moisture.
  • 1x 225ml Damaged Hair Mask to rehabilitate frazzled hair and make it shine again.
  • 1x 130ml Growth Hair Solution to soothe the scalp and encourage healthy hair growth.

Sulphate Free


Fast Absorption


How to Use:


Garlic & Argula & Vitamin A

Chaos Growth natural solution to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Garlic oil, Rocca and vitamin A will provide a blast of nutrition straight to the roots to encourage hair growth. Apply straight to your roots.
Perfect for all hair types.
Non oily formula.
Chaos, practical natural solution for every day’s problems.

Beetroot, Castrol Oil & Omega

Chaos Damaged natural hair mask for hair that is chemically treated, or heat treated. Beetroot, jojoba oil, Castrol oil, omega 3 and honey combine to repair and revive damaged hair and split ends. Chaos Damaged, helps you to keep your routine of coloring, blowing, or doing heat while limiting the damaging effect and protect against, daily toxins, free radicals & Nutrient deficiency.
Chaos, Practical Natural Solutions For Everyday Problems

Shea butter, Argan oil & Vitamin A

Chaos Hydrate natural hair mask for straight and curly that is dull & frizzy. Feel your hair moisturized from shea butter, while argan oil smooths, and oat milk protects your strands from breakage. Chaos Hydrate, keeps your uncontrollable hair under control, helps you to have as many as good hair days as possible. Use on dry hair before shampoo. Perfect for all hair types. Chaos, practical natural solutions for every day’s problems