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Beat the Heat with Beetroot

Beat the Heat with Beetroot

We tend to overdo it with heat, from both sun exposure and from god forsaken hair styling tools. In a vain attempt to look professional or sexy, we torture our hair with heat from blow-dryers, curling irons, straightening tongs – you name it, we’ve done it!

We then go overboard in recovery mode with a dozen shampoos, conditioners, masks, serums… a laundry list and cupboard full of products to undo the damage imposed on our dry, struggling hair.

We Got You

We got a little tip for you, though! A sneaky secret about a common root veggie with the power to soothe and replenish your fried tresses. Beetroot, commonly known as bangar in our part of the world, holds a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to damaged hair.

How You May Ask

You might be like us, dodging beetroot around on your salad plate, unable to understand why people like it so much.

Are we the only ones? Seems like it sometimes.

Well, you don’t have to like eating it to get the most out of it. Beetroot provides a basket of essential minerals and nutrients like potassium and vitamin C work to eliminate hair fall and damage, restoring vitality to limp and lifeless hair and reducing breakage.

Can we get all this goodness without guzzling beetroot juice (yuuuuuck!) or blending and applying beets on our hair, running the high potential of dripping stains everywhere and causing us even more work to be done?

Thankfully, yes! because CHAOS has a ready-to-use, highly nutritious, damage slaying, hair loss eliminating, natural hair mask waiting for you. The DAMAGED hair mask contains beetroot extract along with over a dozen other restorative natural ingredients guaranteed to fight back the disastrous effects of environmental and chemical damage, leaving your hair revitalized and soft.