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Combatting the Damage on Frazzled Hair

Combatting the Damage on Frazzled Hair & Split Ends

There are very few things more annoying and disheartening than struggling to do something halfway acceptable with your hair (in a precious few minutes, no less) and being faced with frayed, frizzled, uncontrollable hair. It’s okay, you can sulk in the mirror for a minute. We do it all the time.

Please Help

Tangled knots, excessive dryness and brittle hair, a lack of shine, a frizzy mess of a mop – unhealthy hair with split ends isn’t what we signed up for as women! We’re after that sensuous, luscious touch and glow! So why is this happening to us?!

And there are many reasons our hair gets damaged, some out of our control. How often and how intensely you style your hair, especially with heat, is one large factor. The harshness of the chemicals in your products is another. Environmental factors like the weather, pollution, water quality and lifestyle choices are yet another. The odds are stacked against us.

You Know What

Then come the God-awful splits. You see, when hair gets damaged, the hair fibre splits and gets frayed, typically at the end of the strand heading upwards. This is what causes our hair to look disheveled, untidy and uneven – like we’re making zero effort, when we’re actually making too much effort and sizzling our hair to death.

While this may be a reality for many (you’re definitely not alone!), we’re here to confidently announce not all hope is lost! Consider the following tips to combat hair damage:

  • Get regular hair trims every six weeks.
  • Don’t shampoo daily, and use all-natural shampoos with no harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid towel drying. Rubbing the hair too roughly weaken your hair cuticles and can break down fibre. Squeeze out the extra water by hand and use an old t-shirt or microfiber towel to pat out the rest.
  • Blow dry on low heat, using a wide paddle brush only after hair has started to dry.
  • Avoid using curling irons and straighteners when possible and if necessary, use a heat protecting spray.
  • · Use a targeted all-natural hair mask like Chaos دامدجد weekly to give your hair a dose of nutrients and a protective layer against further damage. The special formula is packed with organic ingredients like beet root, mint, saffron, moringa, macadamia oil, flaxseed oil, and honey – chosen for their repairing effects on hair.