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 Fine & Fair Hair

Bringing Out the Shine in Fine & Fair Hair

Some claim that blonde or fair hair is a blessing, and somehow it makes life more fun? But we know better. While it may be a coveted prize in the genetics lottery, that doesn’t mean fair-haired beauties get off the hook from stressing over bad hair days. They have their share of burdens like the rest of us!

Have You Heard?

Ever heard of special violet shampoo? Yup, blondes need specially formulated products to keep their hair color from turning brassy and too yellow. Ever had to worry about chlorine in the pool turning your hair green? Yet another obstacle blondies need to consider in the summer. Who wants to emerge from the pool looking like an algae monster?

Fair and ne hair dries out a lot faster in the searing hot sun, making it more susceptible to turning the texture of straw, and at the very same time, it gets greasy and dirty much faster than dark hair which means extra washing and loss of healthy natural oils and moisture.

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

There are a few tips and tricks to get blonde, fair or thin hair back to looking it’s shiny best! Consider some of the following hacks:

  • Since you’re shampooing more frequently, make sure you condition well to release loss of protective natural oils and moisture. Use a special shampoo formulated for blondes and fair hair, it’s worth it.
  • Spritz UV protective spray on your hair before heavy sun exposure to protect your color and loss of moisture.
  • Before going swimming, soak your hair in fresh water to avoid hair absorbing the chlorinated water from the pool.
  • Take it easy with the heat styling, because blonde and thin hair is easier to dry out. Put the blow dryer on a cooler setting and detely use a heat protecting spray.
  • Use a targeted all-natural hair mask especially formulated for blondes like Chaos BLONDE as least once a week to give hair a dose of nutrients for moisturizing and shine. The formula includes natural ingredients like lemon, turmeric, cinnamon, sunower extract, chamomile extract, honey, and wheat germ keratin.