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Relax the Frizz

Find Your Kid’s Bounce & Relax the Frizz

It’s bad enough when we suffer from frizzy hair ourselves, but seeing our kids go through it? That’s just a different level of awful. We know there is probably little else that can match the sheer satisfaction of nailing it with your kid’s hair and showing off their glorious natural curls, so we’re here to help you nail it every time!

It helps to first know how to identify the root cause of your kid’s issues with frizz, then set up the parameters for keeping frizz at bay and letting curls bounce in a big way. The root cause – get it? – of frizzy hair will ultimately boil down to one or more of the following factors.

In Case You Didn’t Get the Memo

Genetics: Baby, they’re born with it! Especially in Africa. Curly and wavy hair tend to experience frizz more than straight hair due to follicles, and the shape of your of your hair follicle is entirely determined by your DNA.

The Environment: The more humidity and moisture in the air, the more frizz! The explanation for this involves a lot of science,so just trust us, moisture penetrating your hair shaft equals frizz.

Hair Damage: Washing your kid’s hair too frequently, heat styling, over-brushing, air and water pollution. They all damage the outer layer of hair and expose the inner layer to frizzing effects.

Listen Up

The key here is to understand frizz often comes from dry hair trying to suck in moisture from the air, so a good idea to be one step ahead and hydrate your kid’s hair properly to avoid this from happening. Here are some tips for de-frizzing hair and creating cute curl:

  • Shampoo gently two to three times a week, and use a moisturizing conditioner!
  • Use a leave-in spray conditioner in between wash days to gently hydrate and moisten curls.
  • Avoid using heat-styling tools on your kid’s hair as it will cause further damage on the natural curls. Look into cute hair styles that work with curly hair, it’s much safer.
  • Use a targeted all-natural hair mask especially formulated for kids like Chaos CURLY as least once a week hair a dose of nutrients for eliminating frizz and moisturizing lovely curls. The formula includes nourishing natural ingredients like cocoa butter, strawberry extract, sweet rose, almond oil, and basil extract.