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Cloves Bud for Your Hair & Skin

Cloves: A Calm and Cool Bud for Your Hair & Skin

We all have that one calm and collected friend we rely on to keep us grounded and sane in times of stress, so imagine if we could have that kind of buddy for our hair and skin? Well, you’re in luck because there is one super chill kitchen ingredient that works a treat.

We didn’t know much about cloves before … besides that they have a pleasant smell and a not so great taste when you’re unlucky enough to bite into one. But while you were dodging the clove bud on your plate, this illusive spice has been hiding some potent powers you weren’t aware of.

Your Clove Bud is Packed

Apparently clove bud oil is packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals. Rich in calcium, iron, sodium, and vitamins A and C, the spice is also known for its antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral properties and most importantly for us … it stimulates hair growth.

It can improve hair growth and re-growth by maximizing blood flow to the scalp and nourishing hair. Another added benefit is the natural and pleasant aroma helps you relax and lowers the risks or hair loss caused by stress.

We’ll try anything to cleanse and strengthen our hair, but we’re not really ready to hunt down cloves and get into a big production of boiling, straining and putting together DIY masks with clove water.

Wait? What? Hold On

Wait, not clove water. Clove oil? See, we’re definitely going to mess this up.

Luckily, there is a hair solution that takes full advantage of clove bud oil and can be applied directly onto the scalp and roots! Check out GROWTH by CHAOS, a handy application of the super formula will have your hair bouncing back in no time.

Don’t have hair issues, but wish to tap into the soothing, calming effects on the skin? Our SLEEP skin cream will transport you to that “no thinking zone” you seek while nourishing your skin with the benefits of this chill spice.