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Smooth Vitamin E Gang Member

Vitamin E: The Smooth and Sexy Vitamin Gang Member

Sunlight, pollution, smoking and (unfortunately) aging. Our hair and skin are subjected to all these factors daily in our Cairene life, and we can’t escape it. The serious consequence of these aggressive external factors are free radicals. Does that sound like a punk rock band? Yes. Do they damage our hair and skin? Also, yes!

We Love Dropping Knowledge Bombs

What’s one potential antidote? Vitamin E.


We love dropping knowledge bombs.

So free radicals are these wild and crazy molecules created when our bodies are subjected to yucky conditions like the ones described above. They go off hunting for healthy molecules in our hair and skin to damage, like a crime gang. Natural antioxidants, like Vitamin E, combat these free radicals and neutralize the threat.

A Natural Thirst Quencher

A dry and irritated scalp is a prime location for dandruff, hair loss, clogged hair follicles and other nasty hair conditions. Vitamin E stimulates blood flow which promotes hair growth and creates a protective healthy layer moisturizing and trapping hydration on the scalp. As a natural thirst quencher, it returns shine to dull hair and can prevent breakage and split ends.

With the growing popularity of vitamin E in holistic personal care, you can get a bit lost trying to find a quality oil or even knowing how much or how little you should use. And you reeeeally don’t want to run the risk of overdoing it and causing a skin irritation.

Need a quick and easy fix, without overthinking as to whether you’re using enough? Our GROWTH hair solution has just the right amount of vitamin E oil to deliver the goods straight to your roots! Just apply in 5 minutes and feel the results in no time.