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Garlic Can Strengthen Your Hair

Garlic: The Stink Can Strengthen Your Hair

Vampire vanquisher and romantic date destroyer, it is safe to say garlic can often be the wrong type of aromatic. You’ve probably faced those moments after a work lunch where you second guess your breath before a business meeting, right? Was it delicious? Yes! Stinky? Absolutely … but this stink can help keep your hair where it rightfully belongs instead of down the drain!


Besides being a wickedly tasty and smelly cooking ingredient that vastly improves the taste of our food, natural medicine practitioners and “make it at home” enthusiasts love to preach about the benefits of garlic for our overall health. Swallow a clove of garlic every day! Make your own garlic oil at home and add it to shampoos, masks, scrubs! Okay, really? Who has time to make garlic oil shampoo?

But it turns out the stinky bulb does indeed have a ton of health benefits. Garlic boosts hair growth with its anti-microbial properties which work against germs and bacteria responsible for damaging our scalp. It also boosts collagen production to help stimulate hair growth and stop hair from breaking off and shedding.

You Know What

The selenium in garlic acts as a powerful anti-oxidant to boost blood circulation, keeping your scalp and hair healthy. Sulfur maintains the hair’s collagen and proteins while boosting growth and preventing hair loss. Allicin fights dandruff by demolishing fungi, and copper and zinc are natural elements in garlic used in many commercial hair loss treatments to combat hair loss.

Well … before we start crushing bulbs and frying oil (and probably burn three kilos of garlic in the process knowing how distracted we get in the kitchen), is there any way we can reap the benefits without making a gigantic mess?

The answer is yes, you can avoid the mess! There is a solution that goes straight to the roots! Our Growth formula is loaded with garlic and can be easily applied to your scalp in minutes. Save the garlic cloves for the pasta sauce!