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Sleeping Problems

Sleeping Problems

Trouble Catching Precious ZzZz? We Got You

We’ve all been there. Tossing, turning, sighing, fretting, counting the hours of sleep you’re missing, and foreseeing the exhaustion that lies ahead of you that day.It’s the worst, and its name is insomnia. or its younger sibling, sleep difficulty.

We’re all afflicted with mild to extreme cases of losing sleep at some point in our lives. The minute it sets in, we know the day to come is going to be torture. The aftereffects of not getting your full eight hours of sleep can be debilitating on both your physical and mental state. Need a reminder?

Tired eyes, bad skin, headaches, trouble concentrating, feeling like an unfocused zombie, irritability, fatigue… Yup, it’s all as awful as it sounds. We hate to think what we look like when we feel so bad on the inside.

The good news is most causes of sleep difficulty are minor and can be improved with a bit of self-care and TLC, if you can find time to squeeze that in. Run an audit of your lifestyle choices and habits, see where you can start eliminating and tweaking.

Are you too stimulated for bedtime by loud TV, video games or exercising?

Are you drinking caffeine too late?

How about the layout and furnishing of your bedroom, is it relaxing and soothing?

If you’re napping during the day, try to minimize that to a power nap that doesn’t exceed 20 minutes. Make sure to go outdoors and get some vitamin D from the sun, and squeeze in some light exercise like a walk around the block in the early evening.

According to the Sleep Foundation, one of the keys to falling asleep is relaxation. Who would have guessed? Ha! So, why don’t you dim the lights, fire up a scented candle and use a night cream like SLEEP by CHAOS to relax your mind through your nose? This specially formulated skin cream blends soothing lavender, ylang ylang, and moisturizing cocoa butter to make the right kind of sleep potion you need. Now that sounds easy enough to fit into your day and smells amazing.