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Kid’s Hairy Hazards

Getting a Grip on Your Kid’s Hairy Hazards

They say kids need tons of outdoor and active time to stay sane and healthy, but that usually leads to an action-packed schedule full of extracurricular activities and high exposure to sunlight and chlorine, resulting in tons of showers and a head of fried hair. This leads us to our next question: how can we keep our kids healthy and happy while making their hair feeling the same?

First, let’s all agree that while it’s wonderful being outside and enjoying the sunshine, UV rays pose a threat to both our skin and hair. Add pollutants from the air and dirt from the ground, and you have a mix of toxins all over your kid’s hair. Enter water! Chlorine and salt from swimming in pools and the sea all summer definitely take a major toll on hair health, but also just not drinking enough water and being dehydrated – which kids and adults alike are prone to doing – results in dry and damaged hair.

Obviously, we can’t just lock our kids up indoors to stop all this from happening. Can we though? No, and you don’t want that headaches anyways! So here are a few ways to protect and nourish your kid’s hair to counter balance these pretty unavoidable damaging hazards.

  • Shampoo gently two to three times a week maximum to avoid hair from drying out even more than it already is. If it’s summer and sweat/chlorine exposure is high, use water and an ultra-moisturizing conditioner on the no-shampoo days.
  • Spritz a heat-protecting and conditioning spray on their hair before sun exposure for protection from harmful UV rays.
  • Before going swimming, soak your kid’s hair in fresh water and apply an oil/conditioner then rinse hair immediately after swimming and shampoo normally.
  • If your kid is suffering from continuously dry hair, definitely check water intake and vitamins/minerals in their diet. Make sure there is plenty of Vitamin C, A, E, as well as iron and selenium.
  • Use a targeted all-natural hair mask especially formulated for kids like Chaos Nourish as least once a week to give damaged hair a dose of nutrients for moisturizing and hydration. The formula includes nourishing natural ingredients like olive oil, avocado oil, rosemary, smoothing chamomile, lilac flower extract, and aloe vera gel.