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Skin Hydration with Shea Butter

Seal in Hair & Skin Hydration with Shea Butter

It’s an infamous natural ingredient promised to give you smooth, soft, supple skin and gorgeous hair … but hardly anyone knows exactly why or how, it seems it fall into the “just go with it!” trend. Honestly, given how we barely find enough time to answer the 25+ WhatsApp messages received per hour, we kind of understand why nobody has the time to research Shea butter. Right?!

Listen Up, the Hype is Real!

Shea butter is, indeed, very moisturizing for the hair, scalp, and skin. The vitamins A, E, and essential fatty acids inside this nutty extract seal in hydration which also prevents nasty hair splits and breakage, while the anti-inflammatory properties also reduce scalp irritation and itchiness, preserving your hair growth and shine.

Good news, ‘fro loving divas! Curly and coarse hair see particularly amazing results using Shea butter as a conditioner and hydration sealant, and it generally works fantastically as an emollient with healing and soothing properties on the skin.

Here’s the Catch

You knew that was coming, didn’t you?

Because there usually always is one when something sounds too good to be true.

Raw, unrefined Shea butter of the highest quality will give you best results, you may not see the same benefits with an imitation model. Also, if you use the incorrect amounts, you might end up with greasy and heavy hair, as it can feel weighty on certain types of hair.

So, How Do You Lock in the Goodness without Your Hair Feeling Like a Drag?

Use an awesome pre-package junk-free product, with just the right amount of Shea butter, to give your hair and skin hydration without leaving an excessive amount of residual oil behind. CHAOS has your Shea butter needs covered with HYDRATE, a hair mask formulated to give your hair a major boost of moisturizing goodness and SMOOTH, a deeply nourishing and emolliating skin cream that will revitalize and soften your skin.