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Rocca Atomic Bomb of Nutrition

Rocca, Rocca! Andale, Andale!

If you remember from your childhood, the enthusiastic and hyperactive cartoon mouse Speedy Gonazales used to shout out in excitement “¡Arriba, arriba! ¡Ándale, ándale!” which translates to “Go, go! Come on, come on!”

Growing up, we may have identified more with Bugs Bunny, but lately, Speedy’s catchphrase has become a perfect metaphor for our current crazed on-the-go lifestyle. When we enthusiastically think of delicious and nutritious Rocca, more commonly known in our world as gargeer and a must-have staple in our salads, we can’t help but think of that little mouse swapping the words and jumping up and down. Of course, this little dance gets even more exciting when we explore just how beneficial Rocca is for our hair.

This leafy green plant strengthens your roots and hair follicles, while giving a smoother structure to the hair’s natural curl. It also stops hair shedding, stimulates healthy growth, and repairs the damage caused by sun exposure, pollution, and chemicals.

Rocca is Like an Atomic Bomb of Nutrition

You may wonder just how simple gargeer can do allllllll that? Sounds like it can fix your leaky sink and jumpstart your car as well.

Well, Rocca is like an atomic bomb of nutrition due to the laundry list of vitamins and nutrients stored inside the plant. Think all the alphabet of vitamins plus potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, potassium, and calcium. It just sounds healthy, doesn’t it?

Skip the mess and hassle of having to blend leafy greens and apply overnight masks, CHAOS has harnessed all the benefits of Rocca in their FEED hair mask along with a dozen more organic and nutritious ingredients, guaranteed to make your hair happier and healthier than ever.