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Avocado Oil Can Work for You

Avocado Oil: How This Annoying Trend Can Work for You

We’re never preachy about “making time for self-care”, because really, busy people literally don’t have time to read that nonsense. We want to jump straight into the realness of a conversation. So, let’s start with facts! We love it when yummy food doubles as great skin or haircare.

Enter Avocados

They’re all the rage these days. You’ll find them spilled out across every menu you pick up, and millennials are happy to spend nearly 200 LE to have half an avocado smeared across toast.

Guess What

This pesky fruit (we’ll get to the peskiness later!) is loaded with biotin, vitamins B and E, and is packed with monounsaturated fats. That makes it worth the trouble and cost, because it’s a natural multivitamin for your hair and skin.

According to this 2015 research paper on hair cosmetics, oils with monounsaturated fats penetrate the hair more readily and nourish the follicles providing that much coveted moisture and healthy shine. The vitamins B and E deliver the that strengthening punch to repair any heat or nasty water damage and help promote growth, as well as moisturize the scalp and prevent dandruff.

Let's Talk Peskiness

Sure, there are tons of (annoying) helpful recipes out there for homemade avocado hair masks – but are you aware of how sneaky avocados can be to ripen? That avocado you bought sits there on the shelf for about seven days ripening, and then … in a matter of hours … it turns black and unusable. Or worse, you cut into it too soon and you can’t mash it. Who has time for this?

That’s why your best option is to opt for a shampoo bar or prepared hair mask loaded with avocado oil, one the best options for revitalizing your fried and tired locks.

Need to grab a ready-to-use hair mask on the go that will work in five minutes and save you the headache of blending and mixing? Our FEED hair mask is packed with nourishing avocado oil and will fit into your busy timetable. For the hyper kids, our NOURISH hair mask is specially formulated to give that messy head a tasty treat.