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The 5 Absolute Best Natural Ingredients for Damaged Hair

The 5 Absolute Best Natural Ingredients for Damaged Hair

These 5 natural ingredients work magic on damaged hair

Walk into any cosmetics store and you’re sure to be bombarded with an onslaught of hair care products that claim to treat damaged hair within days or weeks. These sometimes go even further and make claims that are grandiose to say the least. I’ve personally heard these wild claims from salespeople:

  • Use this hair mask just once and watch how soft and silky your hair will become.
  • This shampoo has officially canceled hair damage.
  • This product is chock-full of Vitamin E, which is really the only ingredient you need for voluminously stunning locks.

I mean, I get that these people are just trying to make ends meet. I understand that a lot of them really don’t know what they’re talking about outside of their 3 page sales script. I also definitely understand that there are products out there, as rare as they may be, that do come good on their claims, but I’m not really keen on buying dozens of products just to find the one that actually ✨works✨.

The key to treating damaged hair lies in a select few natural ingredients. There are other ingredients out there that can do similar jobs for your hair, like how Blue Agave can lock in moisture just as well as honey does, but we think these 5 ingredients are the best because they treat damaged hair all the way up from the roots. Let’s see how each of them works, shall we?


Why honey? The waxiness of honey seals in moisture to prevent skin and hair drying out from repeated washing, leaving skin soft and supple. Its natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties treat skin and scalp issues that lead to dryness. Honey also has age-fighting properties that slow down the appearance of wrinkles, and offers gentle pore cleansing and exfoliation.

As scientists continue to discover the amazing benefits of natural raw honey for your hair, this miracle of nature is becoming a must-have for any hair mask you use, whether or not you’re going for the (unfortunately quite sticky) DIY route. 

Beetroot Juice

You wouldn’t think that beetroot juice would be good for your hair, but it’s actually one of the best natural remedies out there for hair damage. Applying beetroot juice directly to your hair can improve circulation to hair follicles, hydrate and add shine to your hair, and reduce hair damage significantly.

This glorious superfood contains a wide spectrum of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that are as good for their hair as they are for your health! If you’re going to apply a DIY beetroot juice hair mask, just make sure your hair doesn’t come into contact with any fabrics because beet stains are notoriously hard to remove.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is one of those natural ingredients we almost expect to see on any hair or skin care product we purchase, but why do most beauty brands agree on this universal hair care ingredient? Well, in a nutshell, this wax-masquerading-as-an-oil is a great moisturizer that nourishes hair with essential vitamins and minerals. It strengthens your hair and can prevent hair loss, promoting natural and healthy fullness.

If you apply jojoba oil on your hair and don’t smell anything, don’t worry about it! Natural jojoba oil is odorless, which is why most brands will use it in their products in tandem with nice-smelling essential oils that also contain nourishing vitamins and minerals, such as strawberry, sweet rose and lavender.


Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice, and for good reason. Not only does this spice transform any dish with its signature flavor, it’s also rich in antioxidants that help prevent hair loss, purify the scalp and pores, promote healthy hair growth, and repair damaged hair.

If your hair is in a toxic relationship with heat and chemicals (and really, whose hair isn’t?), including saffron in your hair care routine can do wonders to help you repair the heat damage you sustained from that last engagement party. (It’s okay Sarah, hair follicles come and go but friendship is forever!)

Omega 3

Omega 3 fats are an essential nutrient in many superfoods such as walnuts and salmon, and they’ve been shown to fight depression, lower inflammation, and reduce markers of heart disease when consumed in food, but did you know that omega 3 can also work magic on your beautiful hair follicles?

Omega 3 fats and similar protective fats are among the most important ingredients in any hair care product. They protect your hair against sun damage, boost hair growth and prevent hair loss, so definitely try to include omega 3 in both your hair’s and your own diet!

Ain’t nobody got time for that

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably thinking to yourself: “How on Earth does anyone have time to do all of this and then deal with the frustration of stains, greasy/sticky hair, and the overpowering smells that come with DIY hair care?”

Honestly, if there’s someone who has the time to do all this while juggling work, family and friends, we haven’t met her yet (but we’d definitely like to).

But, we know you’re probably a normal human being here with your fair share of commitments and responsibilities, so we have the perfect solution for you!

CHAOS was born out of the same struggles we all face: as women, we need practical solutions to our skin and hair problems that don’t interfere with our daily lives, we need to look and feel beautiful without having to spend hours on end in front of a mirror, and we need products that actually come good on their claims. Most importantly, however, we need products that are natural so that we don’t saturate our hair with even more harmful chemicals and the vicious cycle that comes with that.

CHAOS is all that. and. so. much. more.

Try our products for yourself and join thousands of happy customers who swear by our products. Whether you’re struggling with dry hair, frizz, or dandruff, we have the right product for your hair’s specific needs. If you’re struggling with damaged hair, our DAMAGED natural hair mask will restore your hair’s volume, shine, and beautiful softness. It has all of the natural ingredients your hair needs to grow healthy, long and strong.

Not to mention, just like all CHAOS products, this product:

  • Is time and hassle free, you can apply it on dry hair and go about your day.
  • Will never make your hair greasy or sticky.
  • Smells absolutely heavenly.
  • Is made with natural ingredients.
  • Shows immediate results.
  • Has a long shelf life.
  • Is fast absorbent.
  • Did I mention that it smells wonderful?